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Often the pain that makes us feel most stuck is not our suffering; it is experiencing distress in the presence of people who expect us to get better faster than we can

Becoming a Financial Member

By joining as a financial member of Invisible Illnesses, you not only connect with a compassionate community but also gain access to a wealth of tailored benefits and exclusive events designed specifically for individuals navigating invisible illnesses. The nominal annual fee of $30, although non-refundable, serves as an investment in the well-being of those facing these challenges.

Member Support and Mission:
Expressing our deep appreciation for the continuous support of our members, we acknowledge that your membership forms the cornerstone of realizing our mission. Your contribution directly fuels the resources needed to provide crucial assistance to those grappling with invisible illnesses. Importantly, the funds from your membership actively support initiatives for the homeless, individuals escaping domestic violence, and the broader community.

Pillars of Support:
Our pride lies in the collective strength of our volunteers and members, acting as the pillars enabling us to reach our mission and goals. As a gesture of gratitude, we've carefully curated an array of benefits aimed at making a tangible difference in your lives.

Helping Hands:
Acknowledging the monumental challenges faced by those dealing with invisible illnesses, our Helping Hands initiative connects members with a network ready to assist. Services such as cleaning, garden maintenance, shopping, and transportation are offered at $40 per hour, acting as a beacon of support contingent on volunteer availability.

Shop 4 A Cause:
Present your membership card at our Shop 4 A Cause outlets in Rockingham and Mandurah to enjoy a 10% discount. Committed to affordability, our outlets occasionally offer free bread during the week, ensuring essential items are accessible to all. Locations include Rockingham, Erskine, and Warnbro.


Hampers for Change:
Addressing various forms of hardship, Hampers 4 Change provides practical help through food hampers, clothing, toiletries, and essential items. Free food parcels are distributed every six months, supplemented by clothing for those in dire need. Additionally, low-cost food hampers are available, subject to availability. Back to School Packs, offered at affordable prices, contribute to empowerment.

Foodbank Referral:
Collaborating with Foodbank, we serve as a referral partner. Schedule an appointment to receive a referral to a Foodbank store, bringing along your ID and Medicare or Healthcare Card.

Pain Management Course:
A 10-week workshop designed to teach new skills for managing chronic pain. Available both in-person and online, the course covers areas such as education on chronic pain, stress management, and sleep hygiene. The cost is $180, with financial members enjoying a 10% discount.

Counselling Services:
Our counseling services, available in person or online, provide a supportive, respectful, and confidential environment. Covering a spectrum of issues, financial members receive the first counseling session for free and subsequent sessions for $50.00 each. Additionally, assessments for ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia are available at a 10% discounted rate.

Special Events and Workshops:
In addition to our regular services, we organize various events and workshops throughout the year, including craft workshops, Casual Cuppa with guest speakers, Quiz Nights, and the Annual Gala & Recognition Night. Financial members receive discounted rates on certain events.


Hemp Products:
As distributors of Hemp Products, financial members receive a 5% discount on popular items such as HEMP-A-RUB, HEMP SEED OIL, HEMP CALM, and PET HEMP.


Birthday Club and Newsletter:
Financial members receive Birthday and Christmas cards, adding a special touch to their mailbox. The monthly newsletter, "The Chronic’ill," is packed with articles, event updates, recipes, and more, exclusively sent to financial members.

AGM Voting Rights:
Only financial members have the privilege of voting at our Annual General Meetings.

Be the First to Know:
Stay informed about new initiatives and enjoy any discounts offered exclusively to our members.


Supporting the Community:
Your membership fee not only grants you exclusive access to services but also supports our ongoing efforts to raise awareness and support those with invisible illnesses in the community.

Contact Us:
If you need assistance, reach out to or call 0861403977.

By becoming a financial member, you not only gain exclusive access to these vital services but also enjoy discounted rates at our special events, fostering a sense of community and shared experience within our community. Your membership is a beacon of hope and solidarity within our collective journey. Thank you for being an indispensable part of our mission.

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