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Who are we?

It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed

Empowering Those with Invisible Illnesses

Living with an invisible illness can be an isolating and challenging experience. The stigma and judgment that often accompany these conditions can make it even more difficult for individuals to navigate their daily lives. However, there is hope. Invisible Illness Inc is a registered ACNC Not for Profit organization based in Western Australia that aims to empower people with invisible illnesses through advocacy, education, and an all-inclusive community. Since its establishment in 2016, Invisible Illness Inc has been dedicated to providing support, spreading awareness, and breaking down the stigma associated with invisible illnesses.

Understanding Invisible Illnesses

Invisible illnesses encompass a range of conditions, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Depression, Diabetes, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, and Mental Health disorders. What sets these illnesses apart is that their symptoms are not always visible to others, leading to misconceptions and misunderstandings. Individuals with invisible illnesses often face skepticism and judgment, making it crucial to create a supportive environment that fosters understanding and empathy.

Mission and Aims

The mission of Invisible Illness Inc is to facilitate a change in knowledge, understanding, and behavior surrounding invisible illnesses. The organization strives to improve pain management and the overall quality of life for individuals suffering from these conditions. Additionally, Invisible Illness Inc aims to provide support and education to both those diagnosed with invisible illnesses and the individuals who care for them. By increasing community awareness and promoting access and inclusion, Invisible Illness Inc hopes to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by invisible illnesses.

Our Aims

Invisible Illness Inc has set forth the following aims to achieve its mission:

  • Support and educate people diagnosed with an invisible illness: Invisible Illness Inc recognizes the importance of support networks and education for individuals living with invisible illnesses. By offering resources, guidance, and a sense of community, the organization strives to empower individuals to navigate their conditions effectively.

  • Educate health professionals in the management of symptoms: It is essential for healthcare professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of invisible illnesses to provide optimal care. Invisible Illness Inc aims to educate healthcare professionals about the management and treatment of conditions like Fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses, fostering a more supportive healthcare environment.

  • Increase community awareness: Invisible Illness Inc seeks to raise awareness about the implications of an invisible illness diagnosis within the wider community. By shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals with invisible illnesses, the organization aims to combat stigma and promote empathy and understanding.

  • Maximize access and inclusion: Invisible Illness Inc is committed to ensuring that individuals with invisible illnesses have equal access to resources, support, and opportunities. By advocating for inclusivity in all areas of life, the organization strives to create a more equitable society for those affected by invisible illnesses.


Supporting the Invisible Warriors

Invisible Illness Inc provides a range of support services and initiatives to empower individuals and create a strong, inclusive community.

Supporting Invisible Illnesses Inc

Invisible Illnesses Inc is largely self-funded, relying on various sources of income to support its operations and initiatives. As a not-for-profit organization, support from individuals and the community is crucial to help us continue making a difference.


Support and Education for Individuals with Invisible Illnesses

Living with an invisible illness can feel isolating, but no one should have to face it alone. Invisible Illnesses Inc provides a range of support and educational resources to help individuals navigate their journey:


Peer Support and Advocacy

Our organization offers a safe and understanding space for individuals with invisible illnesses to connect with others facing similar challenges. Through in-person support groups and social events, we foster a sense of community, where individuals can share their experiences, find support, and empower one another.


Education and Awareness Programs

We are committed to educating both individuals with invisible illnesses and the wider community. We offer informative workshops, seminars, and public forums to raise awareness about these conditions and provide practical insights into managing symptoms. Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap and promote understanding and empathy.


Information Resources

To empower individuals with invisible illnesses, we develop and provide a range of information resources. From informative leaflets to detailed information sheets, we ensure that individuals have access to accurate and reliable materials that can help them better understand their condition and navigate their daily lives.


Empowering Health Professionals

Invisible Illnesses Inc recognizes the importance of equipping healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage invisible illnesses. By partnering with medical practitioners, we aim to improve the overall quality of care provided to individuals with these conditions.


Training Programs

We believe that education is the key to improving the management of invisible illnesses. Our organization offers training programs for health professionals, focusing on the symptoms, challenges, and best practices for supporting individuals with conditions such as Fibromyalgia. By enhancing their understanding, we hope to foster more informed and empathetic care.


Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Invisible Illnesses Inc actively seeks collaborations with healthcare organizations and professionals to promote knowledge exchange and improve the overall treatment of invisible illnesses. By fostering a network of support and expertise, we can work together to address the unique needs of individuals with these conditions.


Raising Community Awareness

Invisible Illnesses Inc is dedicated to raising community awareness about the implications of an invisible illness diagnosis. By fostering understanding and compassion, we aim to create a more inclusive society that supports and empowers individuals with these conditions.


Public Events and Engagement

Our organization actively participates in various public events, markets, fairs, and shows across both metropolitan and rural areas. Through our presence and engagement, we strive to educate the community and challenge the misconceptions surrounding invisible illnesses. By sharing personal stories and insights, we hope to change perceptions and break down the stigma.


Annual Gala and Recognition Night

Every year, Invisible Illnesses Inc organizes a celebratory event called "A Night in Disguise Gala & Recognition Night." This event serves as a platform to recognize the resilience and achievements of individuals living with invisible illnesses. It also provides an opportunity for supporters and advocates to come together and celebrate the strength of the community.


Workshops and Skill-Building Programs

Invisible Illnesses Inc believes in empowering individuals with invisible illnesses by providing opportunities for skill-building and personal development. We organize workshops on various topics, ranging from learning new skills like crochet or computer basics to assistance in reentering the workforce. By equipping individuals with practical skills, we aim to enhance their overall well-being and self-confidence.

We offer work experience to students through school volunteer programs and placement hours for Community Services students.

Our organization is approved by Centrelink for individuals participating in Mutual Obligation. Additionally, we partner with various disability groups, providing opportunities for volunteering and skill-building for those with conditions like Autism. Legal Aid is also available to those with substantial fines with time to pay

As part of the Return to Work Program, we collaborate with Workplace Rehabilitation Providers to retrain and upskill those who are returning to work after injury

Inclusion and Accessibility

Invisible Illnesses Inc is committed to maximizing access and inclusion for individuals with invisible illnesses. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and understood. Advocating for the inclusion of invisible disabilities in the signage of ACROD bays. Advocating for wider acceptance of invisible illnesses in disability schemes like Centrelink Disability and NDIS.  Implementing the "I'm Still Learning" strategy to support academically, socially, and emotionally struggling students and launching our support system specifically for parents with children who have Autism.

Online Community

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, Invisible Illness Inc maintains an online community platform. This virtual space allows individuals with invisible illnesses from all corners of the world to connect, share their stories, seek advice, and find support. The online community serves as a valuable resource for those who may not have access to in-person support groups or events.


Helping Hands: Supporting Individuals at Home

Recognizing that individuals with invisible illnesses may face challenges in maintaining their homes, we have established an offshoot group called Helping Hands. This group assists those who require support with housework, gardening, and other household tasks. By lending a helping hand, we aim to alleviate some of the burdens faced by individuals in their daily lives.


Casual Cuppas: Connecting Individuals and Supporters

Our Casual Cuppas are informal get-togethers where individuals with invisible illnesses and their supporters can connect and share experiences. These gatherings provide a supportive and understanding space where meaningful connections are formed. It's an opportunity to meet others who truly understand the challenges and triumphs of living with an invisible illness



Living with an invisible illness can be an uphill battle, but with the support of organizations like Invisible Illness Inc, individuals can find strength, understanding, and a sense of community. By advocating for change, providing education, and fostering inclusivity, Invisible Illness Inc empowers individuals to navigate the challenges of invisible illnesses with resilience and determination. Together, we can break down the barriers and create a world that recognizes and supports the invisible warriors among us.

Invisible Illness Inc: From Struggle to Strength, Inspiring Hearts, Igniting Hope.

Our Goals


  • To take our Living with an Invisible Illness education forum into schools to educate teachers & students about different invisible illnesses

  • To rebuild our branches after COVID

  • To rebuild our Wellbeing Services & Youth Group (In progress)

  • To create a support system for parents with kids who have Autism.

  • To open Shop 4 A Cause in Fremantle, Midland & Bunbury

  • To implement our new strategy “I’m Still Learning” to help students who struggle academically, socially and emotionally. We aim to provide these students with support to gain confidence and help them improve where they are struggling.

  • To increase our services.

  • To be more visible in the community.

  • To network with more organisations (In progress)

  • To reach and educate health professionals (In progress)

  • To advocate for more invisible illnesses to be accepted on Centrelink Disability and NDIS

  • To advocate for a change of the disability sign in ACROD bays to include invisible disabilities. (Sign our petition)

  • To become an NDIS Provider

  • To extend our Counselling Service to include an Occupational Therapist and Paediatrician


  • To go national. We are already being contacted by doctors in the eastern states to see if we are going national as there is a great need for it.  We have started to implement Casual Cuppas across Australia and into New Zealand.


  • To go global

There are many people who suffer from illnesses and are unable to work, leaving them with a limited income.

It is common to hear that after paying for necessities like rent/mortgage, utilities, and food, there is little money left for what some may consider luxury items, even though such items are vital for mental well-being. We all know that when we look good, we feel good.

At Invisible Illnesses Inc, we believe that well-being services should be accessible to all, and we strive to develop a service system that caters to the whole person's needs while promoting and embedding health and well-being at an affordable cost. If you are a hairdresser, podiatrist, massage therapist, or any other professional who would like to give back to the community, we would love to hear from you.

Our Op Shop, Shop 4 A Cause, is located in Rockingham. We accept donations of goods that are in good, clean condition.

We are currently looking to expand our business by opening more Op Shops in other areas such as  Fremantle, Midland, Riverton, Kwinana and Bunbury. We are also seeking owners of vacant commercial premises who are interested in partnering with us.

Our monthly newsletter goes out to about 5000 people, including business owners, councils, members of parliaments, doctors & other health professionals, schools, employment agencies and more.  We offer

businesses a section to promote your business each month for a low-cost fee.  

We have partnered up with Hemp Shack as a distributor of Hemp products. 

Some of the products include

  • Hemp oil capsules

  • Pet Hemp

  • Hemp Rub

  • Hemp Conditioner & Shampoo

How to support Invisible Illnesses

  • Become a financial member

  • Become a sponsor

  • Volunteer

  • Run a fundraiser

  • Workplace giving

  • Partner with us

  • Donate your cans and bottles at Containers for Change.

To find out more contact us or call our office on 0861403977

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